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Anatase Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle

CAS: 13463-67-7 Property: 1. The product has good property of photo catalytic and excellent transparency, can break up poisonous gases and some inorganic compounds and restrain ...  view detail
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Conductive Nano Copper Powder Cu Powder

1. particle size: <20nm, 40nm, 70nm, 100nm, 250nm, 2. purity: >99%, 99.9%+ 3. lubricant additives 4. conductive 5. catalyst Application of Conductive Nano Copper P...  view detail
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watch Band for iPod Nano 6

watch band for iPod Nano6, Made of Aviation aluminum casting with good abrasion and impact-resistant, three-dimensional frame structure design, fully fixed nano6, as if to nano6 we...  view detail
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sport MP3 player

sport MP3 player Competitive price+good quality+fast delivery newest sport mp3, portable hang capacity :1-8GB model;kc008 1. Support format: MP3 2. Memory: 1GB-16GB 3. S/N...  view detail
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music player mp3

mp3 without display Listing Description *****:plastic&metal 3.Audio format:MP3, WMA, WAV 4.Battery Life:10-20hours ***** switches. Detail...  view detail
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music player mp3 with lcd

mp3 with lcd Listing Description *****:plastic&metal 3.Audio format:MP3, WMA, WAV 4.Battery Life:10-20hours Detailed Product Description...  view detail
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This post-carbon filter made of high quality activated carbon. Removes the undesirable bad taste, odor, color and absorbs some of harmful organic chemicals  view detail
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UF Membrane Filter

Hollow filter membrane filter of a micro-scale pore size 0.01 um has a selective function filtering unwanted harmful microorganisms (bacterial, fungi) and chemicals  view detail
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NANO Membrane Filter

Third step Nano membrane filter removes contaminants such as heavy metals, viruses, bacteria and chemical materials with 0.01 um pore.  view detail
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Carbon Nano Tubes (cnts)

Nano structure Titanic acid nanotube (Sodium Titanate nanotubes) is produced by using concentrated alkaline to treat titanium dioxide. By different after treatment technologies cou...  view detail
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Ultrafine & Pure Silicon Powder (semiconductor) In 30nm

We provide our customers with · high quality nanoparticles, nanopowders, and nanofibers; · volume pricing; · reliable service and; · technical assis...  view detail
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Nano liquid copper (lube additive)

Nano liquid copper (lube additive) trait: 1. Repair surfaces and reduce friction. 2. Improve energy efficiency, boost power output. 3. Reduce carbon deposit and discharge. 4. R...  view detail
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Modified Rubber Or Plastic Silica Powder SiO2 Nano Powder

Name: Silica Nanopowder (SiO2) Purity: 99.7% Color: White Particle size: 20-30nm Color: White 1. It is monolayer organic chain modification’s silicon dioxide nanop...  view detail
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Antimony Tin Oxide (ATO) nano powder (10nm)

ATO is a kind of large energy gap semiconductor with N-type conductivity material, with transparent conductivity of not electric resistance. As it is with high conductivity, high V...  view detail
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super black with nano

size:300*300;300*600;600*600;black tiles, full *****, matt, rock. We are factory in China. We can offer you good quality, competitive price and OEM service.  view detail
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